CRO & SEO Audit - a great place to start

CRO & SEO Audit - a great place to start

We’re often approached by organisations who rely on their website or application to generate revenue - this could be fundraising, selling physical products, or enabling users to purchase a subscription to use their product. The majority of the time, the ask is to rebuild, or redesign something major. The decision is normally driven by concern, and the need to get things moving fast. I am of course, perfectly happy to review briefs to rebuild, but at Vigo, before we start getting excited about the possibilities a completely new product build will bring, we first need to understand why. Why is rebuild the answer now? In order to really understand what’s going on with a website, the best place to start is with our SEO+CRO audit. This is a really efficient, thorough way of finding out what’s going well, and what isn’t. If you’ve never done anything like this, I’d give us a call because it never fails to capture some seriously low hanging fruit. Here’s a bit more about it:

1. Enhancing Visibility (SEO)

Spotting Optimisation Opportunities: An SEO audit evaluates your website's current state of search engine optimisation. This can highlight areas where improvements can be made, ensuring that your site ranks higher on search engines.

Staying Updated: Search engine algorithms change frequently. Regular audits ensure that your site stays updated with the latest SEO best practices, ensuring consistent visibility.

2. Boosting Conversion Rates (CRO)

Identifying Pain Points: A CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) audit evaluates the user's journey on your site. It pinpoints where users might be dropping off, allowing you to rectify these areas and improve the path to conversion.

Enhancing User Experience: If your site's users find it hard to navigate, they’re less likely to carry out the actions you want them to. A CRO audit can recommend design or structural changes that make the user experience simpler and more effective.

3. Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

Our audits don't just focus on your website. They also evaluate how your competitors are performing, granting insights into areas where you can gain a competitive edge, both in terms of SEO and CRO.

4. Better Budget Allocation

By identifying which parts of your website need work and which are performing well, audits enable you to allocate resources more effectively. This ensures that your time, energy, and budget are directed where they can generate the maximum ROI.

5. Improved Loading Speed

Both SEO and CRO audits often identify speed as a critical factor. Slow-loading sites can deter users and hurt search rankings. By spotting and rectifying these issues, you enhance user experience and SEO simultaneously.

6. Uncovering Technical Issues

Broken links, missing meta descriptions, or malfunctioning scripts can both hurt your SEO and turn potential customers away. Audits shed light on these technical snags, allowing for prompt rectification.

7. Monitoring Site Health

Regular audits are like health check-ups for your website. They ensure everything runs smoothly and spot potential issues before they escalate, much like how regular medical check-ups can prevent major health problems.

8. Enhancing Content Strategy

An SEO audit will highlight which pieces of content are driving traffic and which aren’t. This can inform your content strategy, allowing you to produce more of what works and refine or discard what doesn’t.


An SEO and CRO audit is not just a diagnostic tool; it's a strategic instrument. Regularly auditing your website can be the difference between a site that just 'exists' and one that consistently draws traffic and drives conversions. Even old, ugly websites can convert really well, and this is worth bearing in mind - a few changes here and there really can make the world of difference.