Prototyping / Discovery

Discovery and Prototyping is where Vigo started. Our team has honed its processes and experienced a diverse range of product challenges and this gives us the best of both worlds: On one hand, we can design and facilitate work programmes that unite teams and focus their efforts towards very specific end goals. On the other hand, we have decades of experience and are well placed to make technology and design recommendations based on what works, and this enables us to create MVPs at pace. 

Discovery: A proven set of processes designed to inform, design and prepare. 

Embarking on a new product journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our Discovery service is designed to guide you through this crucial phase, helping you define and refine your vision, uncover user needs, and identify market opportunities. We work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your objectives, target audience, and industry landscape. By conducting in-depth market research, user interviews, and competitor analysis, we gather valuable insights that inform our strategy, ultimately de-risking any subsequent investment. 

During the Discovery phase, we employ a range of methodologies and tools to explore and validate ideas.. We analyse user behaviours, pain points, and motivations to craft a solid foundation for your product's success. This research-driven approach ensures that your product meets user expectations, aligns with market demands, and stands out from the competition.

Rapid Prototyping: Bringing Your Vision to Life

We leverage cutting-edge design and prototyping tools to create interactive and visually stunning prototypes that showcase the core functionalities of your product. These engagements range from one hour to several weeks. 

Through our iterative approach, we involve you closely at every stage of the prototyping process. This collaborative partnership allows us to gather valuable feedback, validate assumptions, and make informed design decisions. Whether it's a web application, mobile app, or hardware product, our expert team crafts prototypes that not only look and feel like the final product but also simulate user interactions and experiences.

With rapid prototyping, you can showcase your product idea to stakeholders, potential investors, or even conduct user testing to gather invaluable insights. Our prototypes act as a tangible bridge between your vision and the end product, empowering you to make informed decisions about the product's features, user interface, and overall usability. By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, we help you save time and resources while ensuring a seamless path towards development.